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Thrive: 6 week Program

Thrive: 6 week Program


Thrive, by Shawni is a 6 week life & meditation mentoring program.


For those who are ready to elevate their lives through the practice of meditation, introspection and life-changing coaching. 


Each week you will receive pre recorded videos and practices that you can watch and engage with in your own time.  You will be asked to meditate daily, with a recording (most of the days), and to take some time to complete the exercises each week.  You will also be invited to take part in a weekly online community meeting,  and you'll have access to the Thrive group page for continued resources and support long after the 5 weeks we have together.  


Upon your purchase, you will receive a Welcome Letter disclosing details to our first meeting, how to connect to our community page, and a supportive meditation practice you can use for preparation for our time together. 


For questions or to set up a FREE consultation call to see if this program is right for you, email us at:

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