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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Corporate Meditation Workshop

And see the ripple effects pour into the workplace.

  • Ended
  • $500
  • Online or at your Corporate Office

Service Description

Relaxed and happy employees who are thriving, bring more focus and harmony to work. When your employees live intentional lives, time is their greatest asset. Time is absolutely subjective. When we feel stressed we have a continuous sense that there is 'never enough time'. Meditators are more present, less stressed and get more accomplished in less time. Meditators are able to focus and 'be in THE zone' getting work done effortlessly and with more insight. Meditators are more tuned in and more on point. Why is meditation so great for us? There are too many benefits to choose to NOT do it! We are at a great place in time where all of the benefits of meditation have been scientifically proven. We can now see how our brain actually changes (for the better) with only 8 weeks of a consistent meditation practice. The benefits of meditation are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. BENEFITS OF MEDITATION Meditation Increases: + Positive Emotions, Productivity, Compassion, Immune Function, Control Over Emotions, Ability to Focus. Meditation Decreases: - Anxiety, Stress, Feelings of Loneliness, Pain, Depression. TO SET UP YOUR CORPORATE WORKSHOP, EMAIL US: The workshop can be structured to fit your needs. Your employees will walk away form this workshop having a solid understanding about meditation and a daily meditation practice that they are truly excited about. *Workshop available online or in-person in Los Angeles, CA.

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