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Doors are now open for Shawni's 


Starts September 25th, 2022 (New Moon, Fall Equinox)

If you are wanting to be less anxious, feel more joy and more clarity in your life, this is for YOU. 

If you want to anchor into a meditation practice and dive into meaningful introspection, this is for YOU.

If you want to THRIVE in your life, this is for YOU.


Deeper connection with yourself and life! 

Sovereignty starts when you wake up and decide how you want to live and what you want to show up for! 


Sovereignty is about disconnecting and withdrawing your energy from what you are no longer in alignment with and refuse to keep enforcing.   

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Radiant Being (1440 × 1080 px) (4).png

Join Shawni LIVE for a Sound Bath and Energy Healing experience!

"When Shawni sits among the bowls & shakers, she guides you through a journey that touches all your senses in such a delicate way, it does not seem that a human is bathing you in these sounds.  When she sings it's an angel serenading you, healing you, relaxing you.

You forget where you are & that you are human....your being is carried gently through layers of a vortex of nature to a healing place.


So softly & subtly & smooth, delivering you to Shangri-La!"

-Kelly Layne

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I am a Life & Meditation Mentor. 
I can help you ELEVATE YOUR LIFE!





Re - Connect...

To yourself and Life, to the wisdom you carry within and the guidance you are always receiving.  




You are ALIVE.

You are here.  You are divine.

Stop settling.  Giving up before trying.  Pretending you don't want anything. 

Stop crossing days off in your calendar. 

Stop seeing the seasons go by without sharing your unique Being!

Stop being so far ahead in your head that this moment disappears. 

Stop blaming others for who you've become and what you haven't achieved.


If you're ready to take responsibility, to look within, to DO THE WORK, to show up for YOURSELF,

to get honest with yourself,

to get moving from a place of inner connection and true desire...


If you are willing...

I am here to help you elevate, raise your vibration, expand and dream bigger.  I am here to help you bet on yourself because I know you are worth it, and the world, your world (big or small) is missing out if not!

I help my clients live the life they absolutely want to live.  Moving passed and through stagnation and resistance into inspired action!  Knowing exactly what they want and how to move into it with their innate passion, thrust and fire

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Radiant Being (1440 × 1080 px) (4).png
Radiant Being (1440 × 1080 px) (4).png

This is a unique and special opportunity for those who thrive by working one-on-one and would like consistent support in their lives right now.  Sometimes to instill a new habit, a new way of being, to get out of an old pattern, we need someone by our sides to help us see the blind spots and to help us see what's possible for us.  


Many of us try to do changes just to be pulled back into our habits again.   As you may know, the first steps are hard because the place you could be in might feel heavy, dense or with too much resistance so taking initiative might take a lot of effort. BUT starting new things IS exciting and promising! 

So the next hardest thing is the middle part... To sustain the vision, what you set out to accomplish...  Coming back to that old place now feels even more debilitating, even more enraging or depressing... You promised yourself THIS time you'd do it and here you are again... 

AND the 3rd hardest thing is to actually embrace a new way of being, to make it your default state of being, to really get out of the place you were in.  


Each stage has its hardship and each state has its opportunity.  I am here to help you and guide you through ALL of it because SUPPORT is underrated AND we are in the age of sharing knowledge because.... AWAKENING!  We are awakening and transforming at the speed of light these days, there is no reason to remain stuck! 


If you are feeling stuck, if you have been knocking on a million doors, if you've been trying to kick down your own walls that keep you from moving forward...   I can help you jump!  And not only jump, I can help you through the valley, the places of boredom and lack of inspiration, I can help you sustain the vision and reach the peak of your expedition.  Just reach out! 

I am here to guide you into the stillness and silence that rests within.  I am here to help you see what's holding you back, keeping you hostage and not experiencing the freedom and the breakthroughs you desire. 

You have to be in your power to show others the way.



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If you are ready to make changes, heal and go deep... Let's dive into this partnership.  The space is VERY limited, so don't hesitate if you are ready! 


Happiness has nothing to do with outside circumstances and everything to do

with how happy YOU CHOOSE to be, regardless of what's going on in your life!  

What do you choose in each given moment?   

You? Your LIFE? 


Your story, your excuses, the things that keep you stuck, unfulfilled and uninspired? 


What are YOU choosing?

Are you ready to make a RADICAL shift in your life and be super excited about who you are being, what your are showing up for and the results you ARE experiencing? 

All of this is POSSIBLE FOR YOU! 

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Radiant Being (1440 × 1080 px) (4).png

You are not the only one with an overly active mind! 
YOU can still experience the state of meditation. 

You are not the only one that hits the floor running each morning.

You CAN choose HOW you want to show up for YOUR life and for what.

I am ALL about living INTENTIONALLY. 

Our radiance does not need to be developed, it needs to be uncovered and allowed, tended to!  We need to come back to our natural state of alert relaxation to truly experience ourselves.

I can help you come back to your RADIANT BEING.


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Radiant Being (1440 × 1080 px) (4).png

I have spent over 20 years on the path of self knowledge, self awareness and healing...  The journey is inward if you want to ACT and BE in the world authentically, powerful and doing exactly what you wish to be doing, being exactly who you are AND by being YOU elevating humanity.

Through my Life & Meditation Mentoring practice I can help you come back to your most truthful Self and create the life you most cherish. 

Your best life is there... Just waiting for YOU to decide to show up stronger, more awake, more willing and determined.  

Dear Radiant Being... Your life matters, you matter, your dreams matter and the choices you are making matter 1,000%. 

How are you showing up for yourself?   What are you showing up for?  

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"Shawni is a radiant being of light. Just being in her presence and hearing her voice makes me feel calm and at ease.  I love meditating with Shawni and feel like she knows exactly what to do to help me get present and relax.


I highly recommend her to anyone interested in connecting to their higher self and understanding meditative techniques to anchor into the present moment.  I wish I could give her 10 stars!"

-Suze S.

CEO and Founder of Unplug

"I have been working with Shawni for several months now and I have done very deep healing work, I have gotten so clear about myself, my values and I know exactly where I want to go AND I am going there. 


My action is crystal clear and everything in my life has shifted to be a million times better. 


I am so grateful to Shawni for the incredible guidance I have received, the unconditional love, understanding and for helping me see what's possible when you decide to show up for yourself and the world."




If you're feeling depleted and tired start right now!
Start here. 

Give yourself the gift of receiving. 


Meditation literally changes your brain!  It is scientifically proven!
{for the better, of course!}

Meditation allows your whole system to organically come back to balance.
Healing happens as we relax years of constriction and control.
Healing happens when we open our heart to life, when we accept, when we soften and when we allow ourselves to truly see ourselves, our life and others.

Forgiveness happens when we are able to let go internally.

Your heart expands to take in the whole world as it is and everything in it.
We grow up through meditation, we become understanding of our stories and willing to let the ones that limit us go! 

We mature and we ultimately DECIDE to live the life we truly desire. 
Our offerings to the world become intentional and powerful as we move closer to a crystal clear picture of who we are, what we have to offer and how to show up for ourselves, our communities and the world, as our best! 

Meditation not JUST to feel good, really, but to relax into the FIRE of YOUR being and take actions in the world that benefit everyone

Meditation for healing & for thriving!   
In our most natural and relaxed state we are

Let’s Work Together

Amazing! We'll be in touch soon.