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Slow the Mental Activity & Find your Presence

This is a soothing guided meditation with music to ease a busy mind and restless heart into the present moment. Follow the gentle guidance and soft voice to help relax you and slowly usher you into presence.

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8 min

Simple But Powerful Presence

A simple, short yet powerful meditation to bring balance to your whole system and become present. 

 Come back to the present moment and into a more relaxed and alert state of being. 

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Self Love Meditation

Gift yourself this beautiful meditation to lighten your inner load, to receive the love that truly belongs to you, to find forgiveness in your heart and truly walk alongside yourself with ease and support.

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12 min

Chakra Meditation

A chakra meditation to become more embodied, more radiant and centered. Your energy draws back to each chakra as you repeat each bija (seed) sound and you move your awareness from chakra to chakra. When your energy draws into its center, you can become more dharmic, more purposeful in your life! 

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