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Awake: a 21 day meditation program

Awake: a 21 day meditation program


Awake begins April 30th, 2023. 


Awake is a program for beginners, deep practioners and daily meditation students alike.  


Start a daily meditation ritual with clarity, understanding and devotion to the deeper meaning of life. 


As we develop a daily practice with guided mediations, we also learn about the science of meditation, and we open up to meditation as a form of art, revelation, and a balm of healing.


This program awakens the interior landscape of who we essentially are and helps us move in the world from a meaningful inner connection. 


What you receive in this program:

  • Guided meditations 

  • Clear guidance and understanding of the practice of meditation 

  • Meditation as an art 

  • Gain the knowledge of the science of meditation 

  • Learn about the different ways of meditating 

  • Have an understanding of how meditation can improve the quality of your life

  • Meditation to live with an open heart, less resistance and more presence

  • Meditation for healing 

  • Meditation for awakening, to connect deeper to you innate essence. 

  • 4 Live Group Calls with recording available

  • Whatsapp Group where I will do random appearances and shares to keep us all connected and engaged



Tangible details:


You will receive 7 meditations (1 every 3 days) to practice with.  

You will also receive 3 lessons (1 a week) with imporatant information about the practice of meditation and its benefits. 


We will meet once a week live on zoom (4 times total) throughout this program to meditate together and answer any questions you might have. 



All meditations in this program are 15 minutes long (you can choose to remain in silence for longer).



This program is meant to anchor you into a meditation practice with clarity and devotion. 


It is great for those of you just starting on this path and those of you who want to move into this practice from a less automatic place and more awake in the process, to ignite your practice with devotion and love.  

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