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Mentoring Session

Mentoring Session


Life Mentoring session over zoom or in person. 


60 Minutes


We cannot solve a problem from the same level of mind that it was created... We must learn to go beyond the surface thoughts to access our innate wisdom and to truly feel our experience and our way through.  


Allow me to guide you through this process, to heal, align with your Truest Self and see clearer.   Developing a strong relationship with your authentic Self is of utmost importance if we want to live a realized and fulfilling life. 


After purchasing we will message you to schedule your session.  You can also send us a message with your ideal times (pls specify time zone):


When you choose to work with me as a mentor there are many modalities I use:

Sound Healing
Biofield Tuning 
Shamanic practices 
Yoga / Tantrik Yoga
Holistic Coaching
Body Temple Dance (Somatic Healing)
Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Yoga Nidra

My work varies from person to person, I follow your individual needs and most importantly, I see YOU as a WHOLE, your divinity AND your humanness, the part of you that's already whole and free and the part of you that has wounds and seeks to heal and awaken! 

Some of my clients are more interested in spiritual awakening and some of my clients are needing to heal deep wounds and release unhelpful conditioning... 

I can help you walk YOUR HERO'S JOURNEY! 



I am looking forward to connecting with you.  Thank you for offering me the trust to do this together. 


With love,



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