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The first question is:  What are you trying to accomplish?  What is your goal or desire with these sessions?  You can email me the answer at or request to schedule a FREE call to determine if we are a good fit for each other. 



These are the modalities we could use in my coaching process (but we do not use any you don't feel drawn to):


When you choose to work with me as a mentor there are many modalities I use:

Holistic Mentoring
Yoga Nidra
Sound Healing
Tuning Fork Therapy

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)



...And also:
Shamanic practices 
Yoga / Tantrik Yoga
Body Temple Dance (Somatic Healing)


My work varies from person to person, I follow your individual needs and most importantly, I see YOU as a WHOLE, your divinity AND your humanness, the part of you that's already whole and free and the part of you that has wounds and seeks to heal and awaken! 

Some of my clients are more interested in spiritual awakening and some of my clients are needing to heal deep wounds and release unhelpful conditioning... 

I can help you walk YOUR HERO'S JOURNEY! 



The details:


- 75/90 min. session a week 

- You will receive a practice or a contemplation to be with during the week. 

If you are ready... Let's do it!  



With love.





(For financial support pls send a message). 



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