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Sound Bath Experience

  • 2 hours
  • $1,000 (10 people)
  • Your Place, Corporate Office or my Private Space in LA

Service Description

Relaxing into a sound meditation can bring more healing than years of therapy. INTENTION and DEEP RELAXATION are more powerful than you might think. Jonathan Goldman wrote: FREQUENCY + INTENTION = HEALING, as sound is a carrier wave of consciousness. As I perform a sound experience, my intention is to be a vehicle for sacred sound, ‘Thy Will’, not ‘my will’ and allow my client’s intention and God/Goddess’s Will to be at play. Relaxation is a key component to allow our bodies to heal. When our nervous system comes back to balance our whole being relaxes, we become receptive and we open up to the potential for deep healing and manifestation, setting in motion your soul's desires by planting your seeds in the receptive and nourished soil of your subconscious mind. BOOK A SESSION (Private/ groups) 60 - 120 mins (Events are usually 2 hours).

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